I began working for the ministry in February 2002. Since then, my life has been changed dramatically through Dr. Dollar's teachings. The areas that have most impacted my life are prayer and the series on developing the fruit of the spirit. These have given me a better quality of life in every aspect. Dr. Dollar has also given me more of an understanding regarding the scripture that says that God has given me everything that pertains to life and godliness.

J. S.
Production Assistant
Creflo Dollar Ministries - United Kingdom 1999


More Testimonies

  • C. H. - Human Resources - World Changers Church International Headquarters, USA

    In 2002, God told me to volunteer with WCCI. I had been out of work for about three months. Two weeks after my obedience to volunteer, I was offered a job with the ministry. That same month, my husband and I established a real estate business. Within four months, God gave us favor by not only providing us with several properties, but also with investors who began "chasing us down" to see if we were interested in purchasing their properties. Within three years, I have been promoted to another department, our business continues to expand, and I continue developing in the professionalism, character and excellence that goes with working for God and for this ministry. Through Him, I am truly making a mark that cannot be erased. 

  • T. D. - Marketing - World Changers Church International Headquarters, USA

    I started working here in 1999. I weighed 190 pounds and wore a size 18. I wanted to work out and eat healthier, but couldn't seem to find the time to do so. Dr. Dollar opened a gym in 1999 and a staff cafeteria in 2000. These new additions helped me get on track. With God's help, I lost over 50 pounds and now wear a size 6. Today, I still enjoy the benefits of working out and eating healthy lunches. Had I not been employed here, these changes would not have occurred. I praise God for Dr. Dollar's caring for the physical well being of his staff. 

  • C. P. - Storage Facility - World Changers Church International Headquarters, USA

    Prior to coming to work at World Changers Church International, I had been laid off from both of my jobs and recently gone through a divorce. I was offered my current position at WCCI in July of 2001. By the end of December 2001, I had purchased a home. In July of 2002, I was blessed with a new car. In August of 2002, I was blessed with a debt-free trip to Barbados to attend my brother's wedding. In August of 2003, I married my wife, Jennifer, and we are currently looking for a new home. Finally, during the time I have been an employee at WCCI, I have received two pay increases and a bonus. 

  • K. H. - Print Shop - World Changers Church International Headquarters, USA

    Working with the ministry for over three years has changed my life tremendously. I have had the opportunity to minister to the needs of others as I work. World Changers Church International gave me a career, not just a job. [I was] hired...at 20 years [of age], and I received equal opportunity for promotion, bonuses and benefits. [WCCI] has vision; it has standards and values. Compared to the other places I've worked and the things my peers complain about, I must say that [this is] the best company in the world! Thanks. 

  • R. S. - Receptionist - Asia-Pacific Office

    I have been working at Creflo Dollar Ministries for nearly four years now, and I am blessed each day to be here. As the receptionist, I hear great feedback from callers who are being impacted by CDM. I have heard many stories of God's miraculous power turning people's lives around. This has all helped me so much in my own spiritual growth and love walk with God. We are making a mark in their lives that cannot be erased! 

  • A. B. - Partner Relations Coordinator - Asia-Pacific Office

    To be a CDM partner and an employee of the [Asia-Pacific] office has been a blessing to my family and me. My knowledge of the Word of God has increased immensely, and my daily addiction to listening to Dr. Dollar and Taffi Dollar preaching has filtered through to my family, especially my eldest son, Grant. I became a Christian when Grant was four years old. I raised him by Christian principles, but at the age of 18, he decided that he no longer wanted to attend church with me and his brother and sister. He began mixing with the wrong crowd. I continued to pray for him and always had Christian music and preaching playing in our house.

    Together as a staff we stood in agreement daily and believed for the salvation of our loved ones. Grant rededicated his life to the Lord two years ago and is now living a life that is pleasing to God. There is not a day that goes by that he does not put on a video or two at home and listen to Dr. Dollar preach. He recently joined the [CDM] staff on a trip to the World Dome to [welcome in] the New Year. It blesses me so much to see that God is faithful. In the short time since Grant's rededication, I have seen his mentor change from the late rapper, Tupac, to Dr Dollar, prophet of God.

    CDM Asia-Pacific is the best work environment I have ever [been] in, and I am thankful to God for placing me here.

  • E. L. - Partner Relations - Asia-Pacific Office

    I count it a privilege and an honor to work for Creflo Dollar Ministries. After hearing Dr. Dollar's heart on our recent trip to the USA, I became so motivated to impart into our partners' lives that it became a life-changing experience for them, for me and for my family. I have learned so much and have been so blessed! I praise God for Dr. Dollar's vision of spreading the Word to the nations.

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