With almost 500 staff members worldwide, World Changers Church International is committed to providing a rewarding work environment. Below are some of the benefits that employment with WCCI offers:

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  • Medical, dental and vision insurance (single, dependent and family coverage)
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Term life insurance
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Prepaid legal
  • Retirement funds (403B and Annuity)
  • Credit union
  • Paid vacation and healing time ("sick leave")
  • On-site, state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Full-service dining facility
  • Employee discounts at Changing Your World Books & Music

Current Employment Opportunities

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  • 04/04/2014
    SPOT EDITOR - Media Department

    Responsibilities:The Spot Editor is responsible for editing spots and special elements, as well as editing for our weekly and daily award-winning broadcast. Our ideal candidate is someone who is proficient in editing non-linear broadcast segments, with knowledge and understanding of AVID technology. He/she must have the ability to edit an entire broadcast, incorporating all visual and audio segments' including graphics; editing in a linear environment of tape to tape, utilizing digi-beta and beta SP formats; editing on schedule and on task; and working at a fast pace to meet strict deadlines. He/she must also have the ability to construct and insert scripture text in non linear and linear formats. In addition, the candidate must have good communication and organizational skills, a working knowledge of broadcasting, and a strong understanding of television. Flexibility and creativity are a must!

    Qualifications: BS or BA in communications, media, or related field. Qualified applicants must have 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in the media industry.

  • 04/04/2014
    SENIOR ACCOUNTANT - Accounting Department

    Responsibilities:The Senior Accountant is primarily responsible for month-end closings, balance sheet and bank account reconciliations, account analyses, and preliminary financial statements. He/she will assist with external audit and budgeting activities, as well as review sales and payroll tax returns. The Senior Accountant will research and assist with the implementation of accounting control procedures, perform accounting system maintenance, add new accounts, and perform other accounting duties as needed. 

    Qualifications: A four (4) year accounting degree with 3 to 5 years related experience; CPA or MBA focus is a plus; excellent organization and problem solving skills; strong communication and interpersonal skills; proven understanding of fundamental accounting principles, account relationships, and financial statements; sensitivity to deadlines and appropriate sense of urgency in executing tasks; excellent organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. Must be proficient in MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Experience with Donor Direct, Peachtree, and JD Edwards software is a plus.

  • 04/04/2014
    .NET DEVELOPER - Information Technology

    Responsibilities:The .Net Developer has the primary responsibility for design, development, enhancement, and problem solving related to large ministry Web system applications and software. He/she will execute tasks in accordance with existing IT methodology and requirements, will serve as technical and analytical resource, and will be the developer on small to medium size development projects. He/she will also be available to provide on-call and post-implementation support as needed. This position may be required to work with Web and technical team members, and will perform various other related duties as assigned.

    Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or related focus is preferred. The .Net developer must have 5+ years of Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net Web Applications, and must have the ability to work effectively with small teams in a dynamic environment. The Developer will have strong working knowledge of MS SQL Server, SSIS, and the relationship between software and targeted platform environments.

  • 04/04/2014
    Purchasing Agent - Accounting Department

    Responsibilities:The Purchasing Agent is primarily responsible for vendor selection, negotiation, placing orders, and providing leadership to other purchasing staff. In addition, he/she will establish and enforce corporate purchasing guidelines and procedures, obtain quotes and locate vendors for purchasing items, as well as place orders for various supplies, tools, and articles approved for use by departments. The Senior Purchasing Agent will create purchase orders for items to be purchased, and research and resolve pricing matters, product issues, and other issues concerning purchases and/or items received.  

    Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree with a concentration in business, management, accounting, or related focus is preferred. The ideal candidate should have 3 to 4 years of experience in purchasing, 2 to 3 years of supervisory experience, and fundamental math and problem-solving skills. He/she must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with all levels in a collaborative team environment. The ideal candidate should have experience with accounting software/ computers and calculator, paying attention to details, being sensitive to deadlines, and have an appropriate sense of urgency in executing tasks.

  • 04/04/2014


    The Teacher Assistant is responsible for teaching, evaluating, and observing daycare children to enhance and stimulate early childhood growth.  He/she must have the ability to train and develop various skills in early child development for the daycare children; conduct behavioral, listening, participation, and interaction assessment of daycare children and make suggestions to director and parents; attend outside and in-house training as necessary; and clean bathrooms and classrooms daily and perform other duties as assigned.


    Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. The Teacher Assistant must have knowledge of policies and procedures pertaining to required child care procedures, previous teaching experience, the ability to work with small children, and knowledge of CPR and First Aid.

  • 04/04/2014
    BROADCAST EDITOR - Media Department


    The broadcast editor is responsiblefor editing spots and special elements, as well as editing for our weekly anddaily award-winning broadcast. 


    BS or BA in communications, media,or related field. Qualified applicants must have 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in the media industry. The ideal candidate is someone who is proficient in editing non-linear broadcast segments, with knowledge and understanding of AVID technology. He/she must have the ability to edit an entire broadcast,incorporating all visual and audio segments, including graphics; must be able to edit in a linear environment of tape to tape, utilizing digi-beta and bet asp formats; must be able to edit on schedule and on task and work at a fast pace to meet strict deadlines. He/she must also have the ability to construct and insert scripture text in non linear and linear formats. In addition, the candidate must have good communication and organizational skills, a working knowledge of broadcasting, and a well versed understanding of television.Flexibility and creativity are a must!

  • 04/04/2014
    JUNIOR WEB DEVELOPER - Information Technology

    Responsibilities:The Junior Web Developer is primarily responsible for supporting the lead web developer with web maintenance, video management, and graphics on corporate web sites, as well as manage web content and develop HTML 5 / CSS web sites, micro-site, landing pages, e-mail newsletters, tablets, and mobile. The ideal candidate will possess a broad range of experience in visual design, user experience design, and site development multimedia. The Junior Web Developer’s duties and support may be required after hours and on weekends, and it will be mandatory, upon the request of the network services manager and/or cabinet/executive leadership. The Junior Web Developer will participate in monthly IT team meetings and events, after hours and on weekends, which will also be mandatory, upon the request of the network services manager and/or cabinet/executive leadership.

    Qualifications: An Associate or a Bachelor’s degree in fine art or technology. The ideal candidate will be fluent in current graphic design practices and web production software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Dream Weaver, and will have some knowledge of Final Cut Pro, encoding, HTML 5 and CSS, understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, and aJax. He/she must have great organizational, written, and verbal communication skills. Must maintain and keep excellent filling system, and have the ability to plan and execute in order to meet deadlines, and work well with others. 

  • 04/04/2014
    PILOT - World Flight


    The Pilot is primarily responsible for assisting in the professional an defficient operation of the Flight Department, by providing the safest means of transportation possible, and excellent service for all passengers, and by developing the skills of a qualified Captain. He/she will complete flight safety training course for G-1159A, develop and implement processes and schedule for cleaning the air crafts, actively participate in daily operations of the Flight Department and FAA safety programs, and attend simulator base flight training. The Pilot will prepare and deliver reports to the Flight Department Manager, submit written reports on the annual aircraft cleaning supply cost, and prepare for and be available to attend meetings requested by the Flight Department Manager. The successful candidate will operate in a manner that complies with the following: all FAA regulations, safety (OSHA),environmental (EPA) and other relevant regulations, as well as departmental policies. 


    The ideal candidate will have experience in providing professional pilot services, assisting passengers with the loading and unloading of their automobiles, ordering and stocking all the aircraft’s supplies, cleaning the exterior and interior of airplane, updating IFR charts and pre and post-flight inspections of the airplane, assisting in preparing paper work such as:development of operation manuals, over-flight permits, and RVSM/MNPS/RNP10 renewal. 

  • 04/04/2014
    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - Media Department


    The Associate Producer is responsible for conceptualizing and creating daily programming and award-winning spots for the broadcast. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a thorough knowledge and contribution to the development and creative propositions for all the content and editorial projects on spot production. The candidate must have basic knowledge and understanding of AVID technology with the ability to edit in a Non-Linear system, Media Composer, Photo Shop, and After Effects. Candidate must also have good communication & organizational skills, working knowledge of broadcasting and a strong understanding of television.  Strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and flexibility are a must!  


    BA in Journalism, media or communication is desired.  Qualified applicants must have 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in the media industry. 


  • 04/04/2014
    QUALITY CONTROL EDITOR - Media Department

    Responsibilities:The Quality Control Editor is primarily responsible for ensuring the quality control of all CYW masters and versions to maintain message continuity, factual accuracy, stylistic guidelines and video and audio quality before material is approved for air.  Also - review all graphic material created for use within the broadcast for general appearance, spelling, and grammar and event & location accuracy. He/she will view all Masters and versions of daily broadcast for accuracy, continuity and speaker image, view all other spots, commercials and promotions for both broadcast and non-broadcast in-house use, watch other ministries and television broadcast to get fresh new concepts for the CYW broadcast. The Quality Control Editor will review all product mock-ups “before” shot or used to create back-end product for CYW Broadcast, identify and create bullet headings/bullets for CYW programming, work closely with producers/editors regarding corrections, copy changes and edits for clarity, identify material to be extracted from broadcast NOT caught by Offline Producer – Includes mention of corporate names, businesses, comments about specific people identified by naming, any references to Dollar family members. Also must be sensitive to any legal issues. He/she will manage the pick and delivery of CYW program tapes to VCS from in the house transportation, labeling of tapes and creating packing/shipping logs, schedule Version Editor assignments to meet VCS shipping/captioning schedule, consult/update Executive Director on shipping and production objectives/status/hindrances, training new hires and interns, send daily report to Program Manager and perform other duties as assigned.

    Qualifications: A bachelor's degree with a concentration in Communications Media or related field is preferred. Candidates must have 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in the media industry. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a Media department, excellent leadership skills, strong familiarity with English language (grammar, spelling and usage), ability to use sound judgment, patience, and tactful communications, outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse group. He/she will have the ability to work in a collaborative, creative team environment, excellent organizational skills, must be thorough, precise and detail oriented, possess a “Zero Error Rate” mentality, exhibit a work attitude that strives for collaboration, excellence and perfection, commitment to deadlines and timelines, multi-task oriented; Flexibility a must and good powers of concentration yet tolerant of frequent interruptions. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who does not require constant micro-managing, proficient using Microsoft Office products, strong familiarity with English language (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and a gracious, Christ-like demeanor in demanding situations. 

  • 04/04/2014
    .NET DEVELOPER / DBA - Information Technology

    Responsibilities:The .Net Developer/DBA has the primary responsibility for working with the Enterprise Solutions Team to assist with business analysis, building applications, reviewing and testing of new technologies, HTML builds, JavaScript/ASP/ASP.NET issues, daily publishing, and technical support of all corporate sites. He/she must have good database experience including MS SQL and Access. Individual will also provide front-end troubleshooting support, assist in managing versions of web assets such as graphics, HTML templates, and JavaScript and style sheets. This position will involve heavy communication between technical teams as well as internal clients. He/she will manage web application and desktop application full life-cycle projects including requirements gathering, designing, developing, deploying and documenting to support client’s systems, manage inventory of all WCCI databases, ensure all databases are maintained via standard operating procedures for database maintenance, maintaining logs for all maintenance activity. The .Net Developer/DBA will manage the disaster recovery plan for all WCCI databases, analyze existing system logic difficulties and revise the logic procedures as necessary, development and support of internet to include routine maintenance of Internet/Intranet pages and software solutions. He/she will provide problem solving and on call support as necessary, support and upgrade existing internet/intranet based on requirements, ASP and ASP.Net Connectivity (database connectivity), after-hours & weekend duties and support are required and mandatory upon request of the Network Services Manager and/or Cabinet/Executive Leadership.

    Qualifications: A 4 year degree in Computer Science, CIS, MIS, Engineering, Mathematics or related focus is preferred. The ideal candidate must have 3 to 5 years of hands on experience working with internet/intranet development software, intimate knowledge of XHTML to include basic coding using text editor with WYSIWYG editors. He/she will have an appreciation for good site designs including layout, navigation and ease-of-use, precision attention to detail, web site and page development, design, and web layout design skills. The ideal candidate must have MS Visual C#, .NET and MS Internet Information Server knowledge, strong programming skills in Visual C#, MSSQL, DHTML, JavaScript, XML and must be able to develop mobile apps for smart devices

  • 04/04/2014
    CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO) - Accounting Dept.

    Responsibilities:The CFO is responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely historical financial information and responsible for the company’s financial condition.  He/she would oversee the capital structure of the company, determining the best mix of debt, equity and internal financing.   Also, the CFO will address issues surrounding capital structure. 

    •  Oversee all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems. Ensure compliance with appropriate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Regulatory Requirements, and Office of Management and Budget audit requirements. Maintain internal control safeguards and coordinate all audit activities.

    •  Manage cash flow and forecasting. Develop a reliable cash flow projection process and reporting mechanism that includes minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs. Optimize the handling of banking relationships and initiate appropriate strategies to enhance cash positions.

    •  Oversee budgeting and the implementation of budgets to monitor progress and present financial metrics both internally and externally.

    •  Manage and track the performance of ABC National Nonprofit’s endowment in keeping with the policies and investment guidelines established by the investment committee.


    Minimum BS degree in an Accounting related field - advance degree is preferred. Minimum 10 years of Executive Management in Accounting and Finance. Knowledge of JD Edwards software a plus!

  • 04/04/2014
    Inventory Clerk - Bookstore

    Responsibilities:The Inventory Clerk is primarily responsible for the coordination of inventory systems and processes for speaking engagements and conventions and the distribution of Arrow Records product internally. The Inventory Clerk is also responsible for day-to-day inventory assignments within Changing Your World Books & Music. He/she will coordinate stock, warehousing and inventory functions for product for Changing Your World Conventions, Speaking Engagements and Arrow Records, prepare reports as assigned regarding sales, inventory levels and raw material usage. The Inventory Clerk will ensure that all inventory, equipment and supplies are accounted for, prepared and packed/loaded for all speaking engagements, conventions and events, reporting any shortages, damage and/or discrepancies. He/she will maintain the condition of all equipment, fixtures and displays in the store and for the road, opening and closing the store and assisting with the preparation of deposits and financial reports, assisting in the success of the department by attending select conventions and events as needed. 

    Qualifications: A High School Diploma is required. The ideal candidate will have two years of inventory management experience (preferably in a retail, military or warehouse environment). Superior customer services skills, attention to details and the ability to meet deadlines, strong organization, communication (written and verbal), planning, and interpersonal skills. He/she must be able to lift/carry up to 40lbs. and push/pull cases up to 300lbs unassisted. 

  • 04/04/2014
    Proofreader - Publication Department


    The Proofreader is primarily responsible for proofing all copies that are developed, or filtered through the Publication's Department. Projects include, but are not limited to the following: books (major and mini), magazine articles, newsletters, web content, study notes, product covers, flyers, brochures and correspondence. Additionally, the proofreader will provide editorial assistance to the manager. He/she will thoroughly proof-read all written copy documents to ensure scripture, spelling, punctuation, grammar, alignment and formatting accuracy.  
    The Proofreader will serve as the backup editor in the absence of the manager, provide editorial assistance for the Change online magazine books/articles, and will remain current on industry and ministry standards. He/she will enforce the use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation in all print media according to Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), AP Stylebook, and The Christian Writer's Manual of Style (CWMS). He/she will employ a quick turn-around while maintaining accuracy. He/she will prioritize assignments, juggle multiple tasks and meet multiple deadlines. The Proofreader will attend meetings for departmental and personal professional development. He/she will consult published professional materials, and internet resources for further education in the latest rules for style, formatting, spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

    Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in English or Journalism is preferred. Candidates with a degree in communications or a related field may also apply. Documented comparable work or volunteer experience may be considered. It is required that all candidates must have a minimum of three years of work experience as a proofreader, and knowledge of CMOS, AP, and CWMS. The ideal candidate has proven ability managing multiple tasks effectively and efficiently, is extremely familiar with the industry's elements of style, is highly skilled in the use of proper spelling and grammar, is able to work will under deadline pressure, and is detail-oriented, flexible, creative and dependable. He/she must be a quick learner and self-motivated, taking the initiative to complete important assignments and meet deadlines. He/she must work well with others, and be submissive to authority and to the vision of World Changers Ministries. 

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